Translation topics

Legal translation
Legal translation as well as translation of contracts is the most popular type of translation in[pEnd]
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Medical translation
One of the areas of translation is medical translation. It means translation of texts used in medical and pharmaceutical activities.[pEnd]
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Marketing Translation
Every global company needs to prepare and translate information, advertising slogans and releases into other languages.[pEnd]
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Technical translation
Technical translation is one of the key types of translation in Technical translations from English are most frequently ordered.[pEnd]
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Financial and economic
Financial and economic translation
Every global company has a lot of documents, including those related to finance: audits, reports, etc. Such documents also require translation.[pEnd]
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Personal documents
Translation of personal documents
Personal documents are typical documents containing information about a person, his/her education, place of registration and residence. It may also…
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Literary translation
Literary translation of texts means translation of a fiction, advertising, journalistic work from one language to another. In doing so, a major…
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Website and IT
Translation of websites and IT
A high-quality user-friendly website with concise content is one of the key components of a successful business nowadays.[pEnd]
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Translation for agriculture
Translations of agricultural-related documents are very diverse in terms of the specifics and type of documents, e.g., leaflets for veterinary…
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