Translation of personal documents

Personal documents are typical documents containing information about a person, his/her education, place of registration and residence. It may also be a translation of documents for an embassy, or, for example, an apostille translation.[pEnd]Our agency can translate the following personal documents: passport; ​​diploma, certificate, secondary school diploma, appendix to the diploma; ​​police clearance certificate, employment certificate, etc.; ​​certificates (marriage/divorce certificate, court decisions, birth certificate, death certificate); ​​employment record book; ​​driver's license; ​​references (from an educational institution, employment reference letter); ​​CV; ​​cover letters; ​​pension certificate; ​​certificates from the Pension Fund, Social Security Office, etc.; ​​documents for adoption/adoption declaration; ​​child travel consent. Translation of personal documents refers to simple translations. The main challenge here is the correct spelling of proper names, dates, transliteration of geographical and other names. In addition, a translator needs to strictly adhere to the uniformity of writing and transliteration in all the documents. We can also have the documents notarized and certify them with the seal of the agency.[pEnd] translates personal documents not only for individuals, but also for the companies, such as: