Technical translation

Technical translation is one of the key types of translation in Technical translations from English are most frequently ordered.[pEnd] Translation of technical texts is a special type of translation that requires the translator to have certain qualifications and knowledge of terminology. For technical texts, employs translators with subject matter expertise. Our translators have got experience in translating from English, German and other languages for the oil and gas industry, manufacturing enterprises, construction companies, pharmaceutical organizations, etc.[pEnd] Most often, it is understood as translation of technical texts, namely: ​translation of technical specifications; ​​translation of technical guidelines; ​​translation of websites with technical contents; ​​translation of scientific and technical articles; translation of drawings, including drawings in AutoCad; translation of technical handbooks; translation of certificates of conformity; operating manuals; translation of technical manuals; ​technical translation of catalogues; translation of presentations, drawings, diagrams; documentation for obtaining patents, grants; maintenance manuals, etc. A large number of requirements raises serious issues within the industry such as primacy of technical or linguistic education. Today, there are two approaches to getting proper translation of such documents: linguistic and technical. The former involves the accurate philological translation by a translator specializing in technical texts. The latter is performed by a professional technician and requires further proofreading and editing. The contribution of experts is included in the cost of technical translation in both approaches.[pEnd] performs technical translations for the following companies: