Legal translation

Legal translation as well as translation of contracts is the most popular type of translation in[pEnd] Legal translation refers to the translation of contracts and documents related to the field of law. Translation of legal texts is performed by translators knowing the legal specifics and terminology. Every translator admitted to the translation of contracts uses the customer's glossary, reference book of terms and titles. translators regularly make legal translations from English and German for representative offices of international companies operating in Ukraine, banking institutions, and insurance companies.[pEnd] provides translation services for the following types of legal documents: constituent documents for any organization, irrespective of its form of ownership, e.g., translation of a charter; ​contracts and agreements with foreign partners; powers of attorney for acting on behalf of a company or an individual; instruments of legislative bodies and International Arbitration Courts; certificates, patents, diplomas, licenses; ​​translation of registration documents; ​​insurance policies; translation of sale, lease, gift, loan contracts, employment agreements, etc.; ​documents on property or other rights, translation of copyright application; ​urgent translation of contracts. performs legal translations for the following companies: